Death by Nightshade

The most natural and beautiful things can kill you. 


For centuries, those in the know have used plants to poison their enemies. 

Beyond poison, the plants in the Solencae family, commonly known as nightshades, have been harvested for their agricultural and medicinal powers, as well as for witchcraft and spiritual rituals. 


In this collection of paintings, I’ve focused on the blooms of these nightshades. Their innocuous beauty belies their toxicity. While creating each painting, I thought of how it was used historically, and how I could possibly harness the powers of these plants in modern times. 


In the end, the plants look harmless. Any of these flowers would be proud to live in a vase on your kitchen table – perhaps as a handy ingredient to have on hand for guests who have overstayed their welcome.  


On The Road

Paintings of things you see on the road, or from the road.

Empty Calories

A series of paintings portraying nostalgic sweet treats that ruined my dinner.