Learn about New York based artist, Lisa Chan, and how she views life through the lens of pastry.
NYC, New York, Artist, Food Art, Painting, Lisa Chan
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Self Portrait

or perhaps she is a painter who chefs. The labels are problematic because they’re all over the place. Her growing collection includes: different cities and countries she has lived in/been kicked out of, careers she has explored, businesses she has started, skills and interests cultivated, and more. She has even toggled her marital status on and off a few times – all in the pursuit of an identity.


Lisa makes art, because the act of making demands starting again…and again. FinallyA way to make permanent marks without anxiety. Making also provides opportunities to practice staying open and to keep the Beginner’s Mind.  She shares her art in hopes it may bring you some joy.


Like most things in her life that involve craft, she is self-taught through trial and error, and by seeking out great teachers.  She currently paints and bakes in New York City, where she and her hubby (she’s keeping this one!) have Cha Bay: Fine Teas and Rough Wares – because he is a wood-firing ceramist, and she loves tea.